Harvesting Grass

  • Clamp Silage (Whole or Part Job)
  • Mowing:

- 10 ft Mower Conditioner.

- 32 ft Triple Mower Conditioner

  • Tractors, Silage Trailers & Drivers
  • Tedding 
  • Rowing Up 





- Round Baling

- Round Bale Wrapping

- Square Baling

- Square Bale Wrapping

- Stacking Bales (Handler or Tractor & Loader)

- Transporting of Bales


Harvesting Whole Crop

  • Whole or part job

Harvesting Miscanthus

  • Whole or part job
  • Chipping
  • Wind rowing

Maize Harvesting

Whole or part job

Machinery highlights

Dual Purpose Foragor Wagon- CARGOS CLAAS 8300

With a loading volume of 30m3 and EDF efficient feeding system


Rake- CLAAS 3600 LINER

Impressive rake with 4 rotators with 12 arms covering a crop width of 41 ft (12.5 m). This rake will create even central Windrows with a width range of 3-8.5ft (1.2-2.6m).

Mowers- 3200 FC, 9200C 

We use a combination of front and rear mowers for an exceptionally clean cut covering a width of 8.9m.

Contact us

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Phone: 01208 850261 01208 850261
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Our business hours

Monday - Saturday08:00 - 18:00
Opening hours do vary depending on peaks of the season.

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