New for 2015


Spalding Arable Sub-soiler with tractor & driver:


The Flatlift® cultivation and sub-soiling system creates more favourable soil conditions for your crops.

Flatlift® cultivates from below the surface shattering deep compacted soil and     sub-surface pans across the full width and depth of the machine without bringing up unwanted clods. The topsoil is shattered but remains in place creating a much improved surface tilth and allowing much easier seed bed preparation.

The unique angled swivelling tine means that there is less side stresses on the tine giving a much lower incidence of tine bending than would be found with a rigid tine machine. Flatlift® points and shins are fitted by roll pins, making replacement easy with  minimum downtime. The upper and lower shins are both reversible for longer life.



IMPROVE  Drainage IMPROVE  Soil Structure AID  Germination